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Findings: The funniest pun

Puntastic has been running for a few weeks, and so far participants have contributed 13,748 ratings in total of nearly 2,000 different puns. Currently, the most popular pun is:

College slogan: 'Draft beer, not students.'

53 different puns are tied for last place, supporting the hypothesis that there are a lot more bad puns than good puns.

When the study is done -- hopefully in a few months -- I'll post rankings of the puns used in the experiment. Before that time, though, we need many more people to rate puns.

If you've already participated, feel free to play again: with nearly 2,000 puns, it's unlikely you'll see many of the same ones again (with the exception of a few 'filler' puns that everyone sees). Just be sure that you answer "yes" to the question "Have you participated in Puntastic previously?"

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