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VerbCorner (and others) on SciStarter.Com

There is a brief profile of our crowd-sourcing project VerbCorner on, with a number of quotes form yours truly.

SciStarter profiles a lot of Citizen Science / Crowd-sourced Science projects. Interestingly, most are physical sciences, with only one project listed under psychology (interestingly, also a language project).

This is not a feature of SciStarter but more a feature of Citizen Science. The Scientific American database only lists two projects under "mind and brain" -- and I'm pretty sure they didn't even have that category last time I checked. This is interesting, because psychologists have been using the Internet to do research for a very long time -- probably longer than anyone else. But we've been very late to the Citizen Science party.

Not, of course, that you shouldn't want to participant in non-cognitive science projects. There are a bunch of great ones. I've personally mostly only done the ones at Zooniverse, but SciStarter lists hundreds.

Peaky performance

Right now there is a giant spike of traffic to, following Steve Pinker's latest tweet about one of the experiments (The Verb Quiz). I looked back over the five years since I started using Google Analytics, and you can see that in general traffic to the site is incredibly peaky.
The three largest single-day peaks account for over 10% of all the visitors to the site over that time period.

Moral of the story: I need Pinker to tweet my site every day!

Findings: at DETEC2013

I recently returned from the inaugural Discourse Expectations: Theoretical, Experimental, and Computational Perspectives workshop, where I presented a talk ("Three myths about implicit causality") which ties together a lot of the pronoun research that I have been doing over the last few years, including results from several experiments (PronounSleuth, That Kind of Person, and Find the Dax).

VerbCorner: New and improved, with surprise bonuses

After a month-long tour, VerbCorner returned to the garage for some fine-tuning. There are now bonus points in each task, doled out whenever ... well, play to find out!

The other major change is that you no longer have to log in to participate. This way, people can check VerbCorner out before committing to filling out the registration form. (Though please do register).

We also made a number of other tweaks here and there to make the site easier to use.