Field of Science


The best thing I can say about the last two years is that Democrats have made real investments in science. After eight years of stagnant or falling funding, it was like a breath of fresh air.

Luckily, Republicans are back to suck the air (and life) out of us again. After the complete clusterfuck that was the Bush administration, I don't know why anyone would be willing to call themselves a Republican, much less vote for one. But if I knew everything about human nature, I wouldn't have to run experiments. 

I wish Obama and the Dems had been doing more to fix up the wreckage left behind by Bush, but at least they don't seem hell-bent at destroying the economy. I hope you all enjoyed the respite.

In the meantime, vote. Just in case.

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The Lorax said...

real investments in science? Has it gotten to the point, where not having cuts is considered an investment? If so, I must be making a ton of investments in the stock market these days.

GamesWithWords said...

@Lorax: The science budget got a sizable increase in each of the last two budgets. The stimulus bill also included a good chunk for science. Sure, that wasn't enough to make up for all the lost time during the Bush years, but it *is* something.