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Above average!

It's often repeated that the median study is cited less 0 times. I haven't been able to find a citation for that, but if it is true, all my papers are now above median. My birth order paper has now been cited. Actually, it was cited last year, but I didn't notice for a while. Granted, it was cited in a paper appearing in Journal of Language, Technology & Entrepreneurship in Africa, which is apparently not a high-impact journal, but a citation is a citation.

For rather boring reasons not related to the data or the review process itself, the birth order paper appeared in a journal that is not widely read by researchers, which probably has reduced its visibility. Certainly, plenty has been published on the topic in the last few years. This is a lesson for the future: it really does matter which journal you publish in, despite the wide-spread use of search engines.

For more on my birth order research, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Being above the median doesn't mean that you're above average. Come on.