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Point-light walkers

By far the best point-light walker demonstration I've seen is at I'm classifying this as an illusion (see post label) because, of course, point-light walkers aren't really walking people -- they are just a few white dots moving around the screen. Comparing the male and female versions is particularly fun if you've ever wondered what exactly it is that makes for a stereotypical male or female stride.

It also appears that there is an experiment you can participate in if you want to help with this kind of research.

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Gabe & Melanie said...

Hi! I recently found this blog (nice site, btw!). I've been working on a video series about the International Phonetic Alphabet and the English language, and I was wondering if it was the sort of thing you or your readers might be interested in. (I hope comments are an OK way to contact you!)

The first one is here:

If you like them, I'd love to spread them to a wider audience.

Best regards,
-Gabe Wyner