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New source of post-doctoral funding

NSF has just announced what appears to be a new post-doctoral fellowship. The document linked to lists two different tracks: Broadening Participation and Interdisciplinary Research in Behavioral and Social Sciences. It is the second one that seems to be new. Here's the heart of the description:
Track 2. Interdisciplinary Research in Behavioral and Social Sciences (SPRF-IBSS): The SPRF-IBSS track aims to support interdisciplinary training where at least one of the disciplinary components is an SBE science ... The proposal must be motivated by a compelling research question (within the fields of social, behavioral and economic sciences) that requires an interdisciplinary approach for successful investigation. As a result, applicants should demonstrate the need for new or additional skills and expertise beyond his or her core doctoral experience to achieve advances in the proposed research. To acquire the requisite skills and competencies (which may or may not be within SBE sciences), a mentor in the designated field must be selected so that the postdoctoral research fellow and his or her mentor will complement, not reinforce, each other's expertise. 

What I get from this is that the fellowship will be particularly useful for someone with training in one field who wants to get cross-trained in another. Thinking close to home, this might be a psycholinguist who wants training in linguistics or computer science. This makes me think of the legendary IGERT program at UPenn, which trained a string of linguists to use psychological research methods, many of whom are now among my favorite researchers. Which is to say that this cross-training can be very productive.

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