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What you missed lately on the Web: 11/12/2012

I've switched the title of these posts from "last week" to "lately", since apparently posting every week is too ambitious (last Monday my excuse was the hurricane + BUCLD, but that wasn't the first time I missed a week).

An elegant defense of prescriptivism
Quoted by Harm*less Drudg*ery, with some additional discussion at Language Log.

Are  differences in brain connectivity in Autism actually motion artifact?
Neuroskeptic considers the possibilities.

What is the purpose of a university?
Boston Magazine argues that it is to produce tech start-ups, not lawyers and doctors. Funny, I thought it was to gather, create, and disseminate knowledge, but apparently that is old-school thinking.

Neuroskeptic publishes under own name
Future archaeologists are going to be very confused.

Language Log tries to figure out whether Biden is proud to be vice president.

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