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Do You Speak Korean?

Learning new languages is hard for many reasons. One of those reasons is that the meaning of an individual word can have a lot of nuances, and the degree to which those nuances match up with the nuances of similar words in your first language can make learning the new language easier; the degree to which the nuances diverge can make learning the
new language harder.

In a new experiment, we are looking at English-speakers learning Korean and Korean-speakers learning English. In particular, we are studying a specific set of words that previous research has suggested give foreign language learners a great deal of difficulty.

We are hoping that we will be able to track how knowledge of these words develops as you move from being a novice to a fluent speaker. For this, we will need to find a lots of people who are learning Korean, as well as Korean-speakers who are learning English. If you are one, please participate.

The experiment is called "Trials of the Heart". You can find it here.

We do also need monolingual English speakers (people whose first and essentially only language is English) for comparison, so if you that's you, you are welcome to participate, too!

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