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Like others, we believe that science is a little bit WEIRD — much of research is based on a certain type of person, from a very specific social, cultural, and economic background (WEIRD stands for Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic; Henrich, Heine, Norenzayan, 2010).  We want to use the web and the help of citizen scientists to start changing that.  In the next few months, we will be launching an initiative called Making Science Less Weird (stay tuned).
As part of Making Science Less Weird, we have proposed a panel presentation at the SXSW conference next year.  Here, "we" includes the team at but also at and
In order to be selected, however, *we need votes*. To support Making Science Less Weird and help us increase diversity in human research, please go to this link to create an SXSW account:
Then go to this link and click on the thumb’s up (on the left under “Cast Your Vote”) to vote for us:
Thanks for your support!

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