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Calling all language learners

I looked at the calendar and realized that I have to present data from an experiment to the lab in a few week and to the department in about a month. I took a look, and I have nowhere near enough participants.

So if you have 5 minutes, please participate in this experiment. I've been running it for a while, so do be sure you haven't already participated. The experiment is called "Learning the names of things," and it involves listening to a person mention different objects. You have to figure out which object he is referring to. It's also the only experiment I've done which involves any sound.

You can find it here.

If you are wondering why I don't have enough participants, the answer is simple. There have actually been several versions of this experiment. The data from each version has been very helpful, but I haven't yet quite answered the question I set out to answer. Unfortunately, each version is similar enough to the older versions that it wouldn't be appropriate to test the same people over and over. If you previously participated and want to see what the new version looks like, you can do so, but do be sure to indicate that you have previously participated in the experiment when asked.

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Rana said...

Took the test. It was slightly familiar, but I remember the first time a few weeks ago I was watching TV at the same time and my answers were fairly random. Sorry. You might be able to match up based on age etc, so feel free to disregard results as appropriate.