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Careful observers may have noticed some strange tags showing up in the titles of posts, such as lab notebook and findings. The idea -- borrowed from the excellent but now-defunct Cognitive Daily and their "casual Fridays" -- is to have some regular features. Here's an introduction to a few of them:

Class Notes
My advisor is finally teaching her much-awaited graduate seminar on language acquisition (it has been postponed several times for a variety of reasons). This class involves about 2 full days of reading each week, and then a three-hour discussion of the material and covers many of the core debates over how children learn language. I'll be recording what I learn under the heading 'class notes'. 

Lab Notebook
In this feature, I describe (hopefully) interesting issues that have arisen in the course of day-to-day lab life. Hopefully, these will be interesting in their own right. These posts also contribute to my goal of making science more transparent. I doubt many people know what goes on in a lab (in my case, it seems to consist mostly of answering email). That's problematic to the extent that it's hard for people to evaluate the administration's science policy without really knowing what exactly it is scientists do. 

This feature has been around for a while: posting results from experiments, particularly the experiments that are run on the website.

Web Experiment Tutorial
Several years ago I put together a tutorial for my previous lab on how to program experiments in Flash and post them on the Web. I keep meaning to post the whole tutorial on the website, but it requires some updating and reformatting, and there's never enough time to do it all at once. So instead, I'll be posting it chapter by chapter. This may not be of a great deal of general interest, but I do keep getting requests for this tutorial.

Others may appear (I did have one post titled "Briefings," but I'm not sure that will be continued).

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