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Web Experiment Tutorial: Chapter 1, Overview

Several years ago, I wrote a tutorial for my previous lab on how to create Web-based experiments in Flash. Over the next number of months, I'll be posting that tutorial chapter by chapter.

1. What does this manual cover?

- Methodological considerations
- Creating experiments in Flash
- Implementing those experiments on the Internet
- Collecting and retrieving data
- Recruiting participants online

2. What does this manual not cover?

- Creating experiments in Java or other technologies
- Basic programming skills
i. (You should be familiar with variables, arrays, subroutines, functions, etc. Familiarity with object-oriented programming is useful but hopefully not necessary.)

3. Who should use this manual?
- Researchers who want to create and use Web-based experiments.
- Those who are simply interested in the methodology should read “Methodolgical Considerations” and “Recruiting participants online” first/only.

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