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Results: The Best and Worst Puns

The Puntastic experiment continues to chug along. 1,376 participants have contributed 59,474 ratings of nearly 2,000 different puns. Currently, the most popular pun is

"To some, marriage is a word; to others, a sentence."

Every participant who has rated that so far has given it the maximum 5 stars. 

The second most popular is:

"The frustrated cannibal threw up his hands."

By far the least popular one is:

"People adorned with Bogus Deuterium Ingots aroused suspicion. Most people said they didn't trust anyone with BDIs."

I'm curious whether this is because people really hate this pun, or because they simply didn't get it. I actually think it's kind of funny.

I'm still collecting data, so if you haven't voted for your favorite puns yet, there is still time.

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