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The Video Test: Test Your Visual Memory

There's a new experiment at This one focuses on the relationship between short-term and long-term visual memory. You will watch a video followed by a memory test for the video. We'll compare those results to those of a short-term memory test.

This is one of my personal favorite experiments, mainly because the video is a clip from one of my all-time favorite short films (I was very lucky to get permission from the creators to use it).

It's also one of my longest-running projects. Some of you may remember this experiment, as I've run it before. In fact, there have been something like 12 versions of this experiment run. The results have been interesting, if confusing, but with each experiment our methods get more refined. I think this experiment is the best of the bunch. It will also be the last (it's time to move on to other projects), which means I'll be able to post results for the entire project sometime this summer.

(Some people may wonder why is running a visual memory experiment. Much of my research focuses on the relationship between language and other components of the mind. Occasionally this line of work necessitates and excursion beyond language to those other components of the  mind.)

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