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Help! I need data!

Data collection keeps plugging along at Unfortunately, as usual, it's not the experiments for which I most need data that get the most traffic. Puntastic had around 200 participants in the last month. I'd like to get more than that, and I'd like to get more than that in all my experiments. But if I had to choose one to get 200 participants, it would be The Video Test, which only got 17.

The Video Test is the final experiment in a series that goes back to 2006. We submitted a paper in 2007, which was rejected. We did some follow-up experiments and resubmitted. More than once. Personally, I think we've simply had bad luck with reviewers, since the data are pretty compelling. Anyway, we're running one last monster experiment, replicating all our previous conditions several which-ways. It needs about 400 participants, though for really beautiful data I'd like about 800. We've got 140.

As I said, recruitment has been slow for this experiment.

So... if you have never done this experiment before (it involves watching a video and taking a memory test), please do. I'd love to get this project off my plate.

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