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I liked "Salt," but...

What's with movies in which fMRI can be done remotely. In an early scene, the CIA do a remote brain scan of someone sitting in a room. And it's fully analyzed, too, with ROIs shown. I want that technology -- it would make my work so much easier!

UPDATE I'm not the only one with this complaint. Though Popular Mechanics goes a bit easy on the movie by saying fMRI is "not quite at the level Salt portrays." That's a bit like saying space travel is not quite at the level Star Trek portrays. There may someday be a remote brain scanner, but it won't be based on anything remotely like existing fMRI technology, which requires incredibly powerful, supercooled and loud magnets. Even if you solved the noise problems, there's nothing to be done about the fact that the knife embedded in the Russian spy's shoe (yes -- it is that kind of movie) would have gone flying to the center of the magnetic field, along with many of the other metal objects in the room.

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