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VerbCorner: New and improved, with surprise bonuses

After a month-long tour, VerbCorner returned to the garage for some fine-tuning. There are now bonus points in each task, doled out whenever ... well, play to find out!

The other major change is that you no longer have to log in to participate. This way, people can check VerbCorner out before committing to filling out the registration form. (Though please do register).

We also made a number of other tweaks here and there to make the site easier to use.

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jojojlj said...

I've noticed that for many of the sentences in Verb Corner, I can make a reasonably accurate guess as to whether anything changed for example, but the sentence is not grammatically correct. For example: Adam comforted.

Sometimes it's also difficult to decide what qualifies as changed. For example: Tyler jabbed the zeens together. Presumably, the zeens interlock, so does that count?

Can you get back to me on this? My email is