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I diligently tag posts on this blog, not because I actually think anybody clicks in the cloud to find specific types of posts, but because it's interesting to see, over time, what I usually write about.

There's another way of doing this. will allow you to input the feed for a blog, and it will extract the most common words from the last number of posts.

I'm gratified to see that the most common word in this blog is "data," followed by "studies," "participants" and "blog". The high frequency of "blog" and the URL for this site are a byproduct of my ATOM feed, which lists the URL of the blog after every post.

Unfortunately, the restriction of to the most recent posts means that some words are over-weighted. For instance, my recent post about shilling for products mentioned the word "product" enough times to make that word prominent in this word cloud.

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Edward said...

Wordle is fun. It's a bit of work, but if you really want to get a feel for your word usage:

Go to Settings > Formatting and temporarily set your blog to display 500 posts. Then copy/paste that into the "Paste a bunch of text" field on Wordle.

As for repeat text that you'd like to eliminate, you could copy/paste first into a word processing program like Word and use the find replace function to quickly replace all the repeat text you'd like to eliminate with a blank, and then post it into Wordle.