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Help Games with Words get a job!

As job application season comes around, I'm trying to move some work over from the "in prep" and "under revision" columns to the "submitted" column (which is why I'm working on a Sunday). There is one old project that's just waiting for more data before resubmission. I've already put up calls here for readers to participate, so you've probably participated. But if anyone is willing to pass on this call for participation to their friends, it would be much appreciated. I personally think this is the most entertaining study I've run online, but for whatever reason it's never attracted the same amount of traffic as the others, so progress has been slow.

You can find the experiment (The Video Test) here.

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Kevin said...

Loved the cows flying after the explosion. Other than that, it was a bit boring - also, the audio didn't seem to link up very well with the video.