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Вы понимаете по-русски?

У нас новый русский эксперимент. Большинство психолингвистов занимаются английским. Мы хотим узнать больше об остальних. Не волнуйтесь -- я не сам перевёл эксперимент. Перевела его настоящая рускоязычная!

If you didn't understand that, that's fine. We're recruiting participants for a new experiment in Russian. Apparently you aren't eligible. :)

Much of the research on language is done on a single language: English. In part, that's because many researchers happen to live in English-speaking countries. The great thing about the Internet is we are freed from the tyranny of geography.


The Wordman of Alperton said...
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The Wordman of Alperton said...

You have a few mistakes in the Russian: занимаются английского - make use of/occupy themselves with English - should be занимаются английским (instrumental case, not genitive); большо - more - should be больше; я не сам переводил - I was not translating myself - should really be я не сам перевел - I didn't translate myself; Переводил он настоящий рускоязычная - a real (masculine) Russian language (feminine) (speaker) was translating he - should be Перевел его настоящий русскоязычный - a real Russian language (both masculine) (speaker) translated it. Sorry to be nitpicking. I'll be happy to do your experiment, though.

GamesWithWords said...

Nah, that's what I get for not asking my Russian-speaking research assistant to proof-read this before I posted it. It's clearly been way, way too long since I wrote or spoke much in Russian.