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Heroic participants

I just glanced through the data for the new experiments. Things are looking good. Two heroic participants rated over 300 puns each. One of them stuck with it and only tuckered out after 1199 puns. The enthusiasm is much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I had a go at the pun game, but I gave up rather quickly. To be honest, I don't like the methodology: I don't know how to score something as to how funny it is unless I am given some kind of benchmark, so that I can say, for example, that four stars means funnier than joke X but not as funny as joke Y.

I would have had more patience had the experiment required relative scoring of some sort, for example if it had presented the partipant with a random pair of puns and asked which, if any, is the funnier.

GamesWithWords said...

The absolute number of stars you give something don't matter -- what we're analyzing is which puns you rate as funnier than which others.

I actually considered having people compare puns in a forced choice, but the math for analyzing such a study is more complicated. And, in fact, having people rate things on scales works remarkably well, which is why it's the standard methodology -- not just in science but also on Amazon.